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Prior to cheese making, Kat Harvey worked as a chef in a number of Sydney's top restaurants. The following recipes celebrate cheese in every way and have been created by Kat and a number of her cheffing friends

goats cheese recipe.jpg

Goat's Cheese, Broco & Salted Caramel

By Kat Harvey

60-90g st billie goat's cheese (can also use parmesan or ricotta salada)

1/2 head of broccoli

1 bunch asparagus

2 tblsps salted caramel

125mls sherry vinegar

handful of roasted almonds

handful of cherries

Roast broccoli and asparagus until nutty brown (charred). Very lightly season.

Reduce sherry vinegar to a glaze and add salted caramel until desired or balanced sweet, savory, salty, sour.

Roast almonds until golden brown.

Chop cherry checks 

Plate. Yum

chat and capers.jpg

Calcagno with Potatoes and Fried Capers

By Kat Harvey

500g baby chat potaotoes

1 clove garlic

100g baby capers in vinegar

1 cup of olive oil

50g Calcagno - Italian sheep's milk cheese


Squeeze of lemon juice

Zest of lemon

Roast potatoes in oven with garlic

Heat 1 cup of olive oil in a small but deep pot, until quite hot (100 deg C)

Fry very well drained capers until crispy. Stirring constantly (you'll notice the less they bubble, the crispier they will become). Be careful not to burn.

Mix potatoes, capers and finely shaved Calcagno and a small amount of lemon zest. Add a squeeze of lemon to serve.

TIP: Save the olive oil used for frying the capers and create yummy dressings

brussel sprout.jpg

Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Pear and Raclette

By Kat Harvey

1 kg brussel spouts

2 pears

150g of Raclette (or Tallegio or Fontina)


1/2 cup of chicken stock


Squeeze of lemon

Pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds

In a hot pan, fry brussel spouts until golden.

In a separate pan, fry cut up pear until golden.

Add a knob of butter and 1/2 a cup of stock.

Put into 180 degC oven for 5-10mins until crunchy but cooked.

Toss through grated Raclette, parsley and calvalonero.

Squeeze lemon juice and garnish with pumpkin seeds and almonds.


taleggio tart.jpg
Preheat oven to 200 deg C. Cut pastry to desired shape and size. Spread with caramelised onions. Pop into oven for 10-15mins until puffed and golden.

In a hot, oiled pan, place scored, halved mushrooms and 1/2 clove of garlic.

Cook until golden brown. Then add a knob of butter and a sprig of thyme. Season with salt and pepper.

Remove tart from oven, add mushroom and sliced Taleggio on top.

Place back in oven until the cheese is melted.

Garnish with chives, sunflower spouts, pumpkin seeds and a squeeze of lemon.

Can be served with a simple pear and rocket salad.

King Brown Mushroom & Taleggio Tart

By Kat Harvey

Puff pastry - cut to tart size

3 king brown mushrooms

100g Taleggio

Caramelised red onion

1/2 clove of garlic

Sprig of thyme

Chives - Sunflower sprouts - Pumpkin seeds

Small squeeze of lemon juice

Olive oil



cauli cheese.jpg

Cauliflower Cheese

By Kat Harvey

1/2 head of cauliflower

100g White Cow, brie

1/2 clove of garlic

3 Tablespoons of toasted macadamia nuts

2 Tablespoons of  toasted nigella seeds

1/2 cup fresh basil

Zest of half a lemon


In a hot oven (220 deg C) roast cauli pieces with sliced garlic until golden brown.

Cut brie into chunky pieces.

While cauli is hot, fold in the brie.

Add freshly chopped basil and microplaned lemon zest.

Season well with salt and pepper.

Garnish with toasted maccas and nigella seeds.


Can be served as a side or as a complete dish. Yum!

Baked Cam

By Kat Harvey

1 Camembert

1 rasher of bacon

1 fig

1 sprig of fresh thyme


Put camembert in a small oven proof dish of proportionate size.  Stab a couple of holes in the cheese and drizzle with olive oil.  Pop into the oven at 160 deg for 15 mins.

In a frying pan,crispy up a rasher of bacon.

Cut fig in half,dip the cut sides in a small amount of sugar and caramelise in the bacon pan.

Once crispy, slice bacon into fine stripes.

Remove camembert from oven, sprinkle bacon on top, pop the figs on and add a pinch of fresh thyme.

Serve with crusty baguette.


Buttermilk Pancakes

By Kat Harvey

2 cups of fresh buttermilk

3 cups all-purpose flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1½ teaspoons of baking soda

½ teaspoon of salt

3 tablespoons of caster sugar


Put dry ingredients into a large bowl.

Make a well in the middle.

Whisk in 3 large eggs and all of the buttermilk (2 cups).

Rest mixture for 10 minutes.


Option: Add blueberries

Serve with Kat Harvey Maple Butter

Makes 15 pancakes


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